One of the largest crystal caves in Europe Krivche Crystal Cave combines halls of natural origin with magic walls of  gypsum rock. These walls are dotted with quaint figures, the volume of relief and unusual figures with bright crystalline shade. Each room has its own name and interesting history associated with the decor, which is created by nature itself.


Gabriel Rachynskyi first mentioned the crystal cave in Kryvche in 1721. It became open for tourists in 1908.  The cave is an expansion of the gypsum underpasses that were eroded around 20 million years ago by underground water. Its current length is 23 km. Throughout the year the temperature inside the cave remains around 12 ° C with a 95% humidity rate. Some of the interesting features of the cave are its increased ionization of the air and the absence of any bacteria. The cave is also believed to have healing properties and it is considered that it can help people with ailments such as bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis and hypertension. The cave walls can be found covered with crisp white and colored gypsum crystals.