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City Tour:

  • Medieval castle (the 16th – 18th centuries) and the oldest castle bridge in Ukraine
  • City Hall (the 17th – 18th centuries)
  • Ancient Orthodox churches such as Saints Peter and Paul’s, St. Nicholas’s, The Holy Trinity church, the Exaltation of the Holy Cross Church, the Podillia Seminary and Orthodox consistory building
  • Roman Catholic churches such as Saints Peter and Paul’s (the only Christian church in the world with a minaret topped with a statue of the Holy Mary and a unique pipe organ with 972 pipes), Franciscan, Dominican and the Holy Trinity cathedrals, the ruins of the Armenian Church of St. Nicholas.


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The Khotyn Fortress is a fortification complex located on the right bank of the river Dnister.

Fierce wars, great uprisings, glorious victories and terrible defeats have left marked impressions in the history of an ancient town Khotyn, which was engaged in violent battles for possession of a powerful fortress.

Khotyn Fortress is also famous due to the fact, an important battle between the Turks and the Ukrainian-Polish army was here in 1621. That is how Ottoman expansion was stopped and Europe was saved from Turkish domination. Читати далі »

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Bakota is a flooded village in Kamianets-Podilskyi district of Khmelnytsk region. The area where about two thousand people used to live, now affects with its magical landscapes, mysterious finds and a rocky monastery. At this place you’ll have an opportunity to admire the Dniester Reservoir and taste healing water from a local source. Читати далі »

krushtaleva-pechera krushtaleva-pechera-kristalu kruvche

One of the largest crystal caves in Europe Krivche Crystal Cave combines halls of natural origin with magic walls of  gypsum rock. These walls are dotted with quaint figures, the volume of relief and unusual figures with bright crystalline shade. Each room has its own name and interesting history associated with the decor, which is created by nature itself.


During Khotyn fortress and Krivche Crystal Cave tour you’ll visit beautiful halls of natural origin with magic walls of gypsum rock and Khotyn fortress – a real movie star, which hides from impertinent curiosity.


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Chernivtsi city located in southwestern Ukraine, 40 kilometers from the Romanian border. For many centuries, its territory decides the fate of Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian and Jewish peoples.
This city was part of the Austro-Hungarian and Russian empires, as well as Romania was under the yoke of the Ottoman Empire.
However, despite the difficult historical past, Chernivtsi managed to preserve in its general architectural image Bukovina ethnic motives.   Along with Lviv, Chernivtsi is considered the cultural center of the western Ukraine.